Dieting fruits for a loss of 7 kg per week

Of the diets that have proved useful and effective in weight loss and in a difficult time, is the so-called "dieting of fruits," as this "dieting" several characteristics that make you lose 7 kilograms in a week only if you walked it correctly and the basis to be observed ..

First day
Breakfast: apple + orange.
Lunch: Fruit salad dish.
Dinner: A fruit salad dish and when you feel hungry, the fruit is eaten.

the second day
Breakfast: 3 cucumbers + carrots + lettuce.
Lunch: A vegetable salad dish of vegetables allowed during dieting with a chicken sauce and no oil.
Dinner: Green salad dish.

the third day
Breakfast: A dish of fruits and vegetables allowed as desired.
Lunch: Only vegetables without meat.
Dinner: a fruit salad or green salad.

the fourth day
Breakfast: 2 banana fruit + 1 cup of skim milk.
Lunch: 3 banana fruits + 2 cups skimmed milk.
Dinner: 3 banana fruits + 1 cup skimmed milk.

Fifth, sixth and seventh day
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + 1 cup of low or skim milk or 1 cup of orange juice or freshly prepared grapefruit.
Lunch: chicken, meat, grilled fish, or oven.
Dinner: Green salad or fruit salad.

During the follow-up of "dieting fruits" should:
- Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
- Stop or use salt and sugar as low as possible.
- Eggs should be boiled only
- The fruits that are destined for the diet are only pears, apples, oranges and tangerines.
Lettuce, cucumber, squash, coriander, watercress, peas, okra, parsley, eggplant and beans. These vegetables are eaten fresh or cooked with the soup without oil.
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