Change Your Life – Without Changing Much At All

It seems that every week there’s some new pressure or something else that you should cut out or cut down on from your diet. This can be incredibly frustrating; especially when you’re already doing everything you can to stay fit and healthy. Perhaps the newspapers are championing a new exercise regime, or perhaps they’re now saying everything you thought you were doing right now just isn’t good enough. In all honesty, we all know there are no miracles when it comes to living ‘clean’. But, with a few simple changes and some good old fashioned hard work, you won’t have to lose out on much at all, providing you practice moderation…

Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep can seem counter productive. I mean… you’re in bed doing literally nothing, right? Giving your body some much needed rest is in actual fact its opportunity to rebuild. So, if you’ve been at the gym or you’ve been eating more healthily, your hard work won’t be in vain if you allow your body the downtime to process your efforts!

Drink More Water

Water contains no calories, no additives and is quite literally the most natural thing in the world… so you’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough of it. It’s a basic tip that can improve your skin, and even your weight, by speeding up your metabolism. Add the fact that it will flush out your kidneys and other vital organs, as well as give you energy for the day ahead, you’ve practically got a super food (or drink) on your hands… and it’s free!

Quit Smoking

If all your efforts are going into a calorie controlled diet or a strict workout schedule, it can be easy to dismiss smoking as your ‘one vice’. Whilst it’s true that things tend to be fine for pleasure in moderation, smoking is a little different. With no health benefits and risks including cancer, disease and ultimately death, where’s the fun in that? Try switching to an e-cigarette whilst you attempt to quit or even head to the NHS Stop Smoking website for the best tips on how to stop.

Cut Down On Sugars

Bad news for sugar lovers! Whilst it’s never going to be the case that every mere morsel of sugar will kill you or anything like that, there’s plenty you’ll want to cut out. As with most things, a small amount is fine, but if you consume excess amounts, your teeth, liver and overall health will suffer. Sugars can lead to diabetes and lots of extra fat storage in the body. Some of the biggest culprits are fizzy drinks and loads of people’s guilty pleasures – hot drinks. So just keep an eye on these empty calories!

Cook From Scratch

The best meals don’t come from a packet! Try and switch to naturally sourced, local ingredients, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. There’s no need to compromise on taste, but there are plenty of quick, simple and nutritious meals that anyone can try at home. The benefits of eating together with family are endless – and for an added bonus, eat communally to enjoy social and mental health benefits as well
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