Capricorns are known for being extremely practical and what screams practicality more than an LBB (Little Black Bikini)? This Beach Riot/Stone Cold Fox set is perfect for the reserved and sensible Cappy since it’s classic silhouette and color will last for years.
What better swimsuit for the spiritual and dreamer Pisces than the Mara Hoffman abstract and kaleidoscopic one-piece? It’s almost like this kini was made for the Pisces gal.

Aries girls ooze confidence and are always looking for an adventure. This Amara Swimwear bikini features a bold pop of blue with a reversible lips print that only the baddest babes can pull off.
The artistic Taurus aligns perfectly with this Beach Riot knit bikini with an incredibly fun and feminine fuchsia print.
Youthful and wise, but also easily bored, the Gemini was destined for this Reversible Indah Bikini. With extreme versatility (you can wear this one so many ways!) this is one bikini a Gemini can hardly get sick of.
The Cancer is the most charming and romantic of all the signs. What better color fits the girly endearing Cancer babe than this hot pink crochet teeny Posh Pua bikini?
The Leo gal is the most friendly and full of energy. This Kai Lani strappy bikini features a a bold and bright yellow, a color that exudes warmth and enthusiasm, perfect for a happy-go-lucky Leo.
Virgos are known for their down-to-earth personality and their modesty. This Mikoh watery print goes well with an earthy chick and also provides the right amount of coverage for the demure Virgo.
The easy-going, cutesy, and oh-so-charming Libras are social butterflies that can strike up a conversation with anyone and have men wrapped around their finger. This Acacia Swimwear set in the flirtiest purple color fits amazingly with the Libra personality.
Optimistic and innocent, Sagittarius babes look best in angelic white. This girly polka dot Frankie’s Bikini set is made for the jovial Sags.

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