With cooler air .. winter clothes to keep the elegance and warmth together

Note these days a significant drop in temperatures, which makes us take great caution when we wear clothing, usually women are the most vulnerable to this problem, not only because they feel the cold more than men, according to studies proved it, but always a desire to appear more elegant, even though this came at the expense of their sense of warmth is important not to spoil their appearance, so we have to you dear more pieces must not abandon it this winter, Stmahnk warmth and elegance together.

Bot is short "Tough-Girl Lace-Up Ankle Boot"

Choose this type of shoes because they are usually with fur lining on the inside to give you warmth, in addition to design high heels, which increase you taller and leaner.

Jeans High "Skinny Jeans"

This helps you in the pants to wear what Chaian of pieces with him, because in any case highlights the beauty, where you can wear a long-bot with him, with a heavy coat, jacket or fur. 

Coat medium term

Try "Long Coat" Choose carefully, because you Statmedin him most of the winter times, that's quite a bit that was too expensive a little bit, because you get a good ores gives you warmth, where you can wear it and rehired with other Qtek, preferably a coat in one of these neutral colors ( black, brown, navy, gray).

Winter Dress "Knitted Jumper Dress"

Elegance and different shape, choose this form of winter dresses, and with the cold weather you can wear "Clonal" heavy with him or Bntlonc favorite jeans. 

the hat

There are many different forms of headwear winter, made of wool, you can choose what suits you best according to the daily destination, which of course will give you a great sense of warmth as well as Stziedk elegance. 

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