Video - Christmas drawings on the nails at home

Every girl is interested in Christmas obtaining distinctive views ranging from clothes, hair and even nails.
It is no longer the nail polish is put to decorate or to protect the nail from exposure to the change in all the different weather factors, or "red color" or "color containing Glitter", but varied ideas and fashion to allow you to use the methods and forms of different types of materials such as lace and adhesive with a surface and other forms, and at the same time be simple and bold nails graphics. 

It shows video graphics easy to work with tools simple help available in the home, such as replacing the tools in the video, "the head of a large pin" to draw shapes carefully and accurately in a matter of minutes, and "draw a brush with a small size." In addition to the required colors of nail polish, which is dominated by the colors of Christmas "green, red, black and white."

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