Imagine that Prince Harry, grandson of Britain's Queen, did not wash his hair two years ago. It's a new cry in the world of cosmetics. And it relies on the idea of ​​minimizing the shower and wash hair as a way to preserve the beauty.
Witness the world of cosmetics is a new wake-up call as the "reduction of hygiene", based on the idea that over-bathing and washing hair destroy the natural cover of protection for the skin and cause the hair drying, it also destroys the "beneficial bacteria" that help in responding to pathogens. This cry spread dramatically in the United States and Britain in particular, depends on several things, especially the abandonment of the daily bath.
And it advised organizers of this hooray not showering for more than twice a week, which is the same thing that applies to your hair washing.Supporters say the idea that the constituent materials for shampoo removes the fat from the hair and scalp that causes the body to produce more fat, after every time you wash the hair and thus hair becomes unhealthy appearance.
But this trend does not mean, according to the report published by the site "Goviemien" German, complete abandonment hair detergent because this could lead to fill the pores of the scalp and the appearance of the crust. But it is important to choose a quality shampoo gentle on the scalp. 
Ironically, follow these new trendsetting in the world to maintain the skin and the hair does not happen easily. As the body's reaction to such a change in personal hygiene habits, be tough and is to increase the excretion of fat hair and the appearance of the black crust on the skin and pimples.For these reasons, experts recommend a gradual transition to the idea of ​​reducing the showers, in addition to the use of deodorants and perfumes in the first period that the body get used to the new system. 
This idea is gaining increasing attention by many celebrities in the world, including Prince Harry, grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, who said he did not wash his hair two years ago, saying it is based on the idea of ​​dry shampoo which is a powder placed on the head to absorb excess fat and typically consist of natural materials.

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