Girls hair sleek .. Make ripples hair simplest way

There are many traditional ways to get hair corrugated, but if you want to get regular Tamoejeh without straining your hair frequently use "Alkerla Iron" then you should follow the following tips:

- Small braids method:

Use cream styling appropriate hair type your hair after washing to give him some moisturizing, not evaluating honorably discharged, then divisional eight equal sections, and national action "dreadlocks", you can increase the number of braids or decrease depending on the density of your hair, leave the hair to dry, and then the jaws braids dispersed tufts fingers. You can use hair products installed to maintain the shape of the ripples such as "spray" hairdressing or "mousse."

- The use of "fingers" in the winding tuft of hair:

After a few "installer" on wet hair spray, for in a small tuft of hair on two of the fingers of the hand in a circular motion and Thbytha in the scalp Baldbabis. In the morning, remove the pins and nationalist Enjoy your hair wavy Kalndjemat.

- Alkerla group:

Very easy to use and are available in most of the sale of cosmetics and cosmetics stores, Bldm trait in party tool to crimp the hair and leave the hair to dry, do you get a perfect wavy hair.

Dried -daam:

Of hairdressing tools which help to work wonderful ripples, as shown in the picture, "Dried supportive," a piece of plastic that are fitted with hair dryer and is used after washing hair and put the "right Koran" and use it on the locks of hair pray the ideal shape.

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