Even in the winter .. Put ice on your face every day and you will see amazing results

The ice cubes one of the most prominent components that are recommended by beauty experts for the freshness of the skin.
The site revealed "Bold Sky" on the health of the many benefits that will make you eager to use ice cube per day and rubbed on your face even in the atmosphere of the cold winter.
- Ice cubes are working to narrow the wide pores of the face.
- Some ice in a napkin and put a pass on the face ensures the stability of makeup.
- Ice cubes help to treat swelling of face, and so by putting some ice cubes in a napkin and put pressure on the face.
- Advised to put cotton balls soaked iced water on the eyes to get rid of eyepuffiness.
- Althelh also advised to put at the bottom of the eye area to prevent dark circles.
- You can use ice cubes to reduce blisters facial pain.

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