Designers have refused to work with Melania ..

What will wear the inauguration ceremony Melania Trump?

Although the girl's fashion president of the United States design is considered an honor for any designer, but many designers Amtanoa it after Donald Trump won the presidential election of the United States.

The French-designed "Sophie Haalih" the first to announce the refusal to work with "Melania Trump," the wife of President-elect, saying that it condemns Trump electoral campaign that characterized it says racism and persecution of foreigners, according to agency reported Fox News.

"The Chalet" to work with Michelle Obama, wife of former President had the honor of her over the past 8 years.
And then he joined the list of both Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, and Christian Cyriano. Marc Jacobs said "the best personally customize my energy to help those who would fall victim to the positions of Trump and his supporters."

However, the "Melania" chosen to be a view of her husband's inauguration ceremony of the signature of the designer, "Ralph Lorient," a favorite designer with "Hillary Clinton" wife of former President of America between Clinton. As well as her views that Melania ceremony her husband win the presidential election, where he wore a "jumpsuot" in white, arrived in cost to $ 4,000, according to the report published by the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

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