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Uniforms worn by the first lady in her husband's US president's inauguration was not of concern to many, but perhaps it was confined to those interested in the world of fashion, but it seems to be different this time days after the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th president of theUnited States before.
Due global attention views "Melania Trump" - the First Lady - as was the former model, as well as the types of dresses that she wore First Ladies, helped predict the manner of approaching the next government, according to the revelations Lisa Kathleen Grady, Vice President of the National Museum of History US.
Featuring the National Museum of American History special pavilion costumes, dresses and clothes that she wore the first ladies at the most important evening in their lives, the inauguration of America's prime party. It is usually every first lady to donate Pfstanha she wore on Inauguration Day for the museum.
According to a report published on the "Share America" ​​Grady said, "We look forward in particular to that of the dress to have made up the idea of ​​whether the first lady official will stick in their approach or will it be informal, do you go along with fashion, or will it be a classic, or is impressive and what it means so for the way that will be followed by the new government. "
To learn more about women's fashion and how the White House has expressed the policy of their husbands can stand on it as follows:

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her husband, John F. Kennedy's inauguration, former President dress with a classic white coat of the same color dress granting more sparkle, and the opposite how different the new thought, which brought him to his country's president.

Rosalynn Carter

Vajit Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter, the audience at her husband's inauguration wearing the same dress she wore at the inauguration of Carter for the state of Georgia ceremony, as the designers deemed that this option is affective, and angered, some because they expect them to encourage American fashion and promotion of choosing uniforms New

Nancy Reagan

Nancy did not comply with a lot wife fortieth President of the United StatesRonald Reagan, classic clothes, and it seemed so clear on what chosen for the ceremony of President Reagan's inauguration in 1981, where she said "Grady" The wearing a tight dress white embroidered pearls will reflect a more formal and glamorous political era for the former.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wore a wife of former President Bill Clinton, in her husband's dress brilliant inauguration ceremony in purple, it may not seem the most elegant as described by fashion designers, but it was expressing the wisdom and strength to the presidency of her husband.

Laura Bush

Wear Laura Bush, former President George Bush dress "modest" wife with a long-sleeved with embroideries, through one way or another on her husband, which was conservatism, which marked his two terms to take over conservatism symbols of the Republican Party for many of the important positions that painted the United States policy, both internally and externally .

Michelle Obama

Contrary to what she wore to Laura Bush, Michelle Obama wore a wife of former President Barack Obama, a long white dress exposed shoulders, unlike the large part of the Obama administration, which has been characterized by more open about the orientation of his predecessor, Bush style.

Michelle Obama " Laura Bush " Hillary Clinton " Nancy Reagan " Rosalynn Carter " Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

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