7 natural recipes for cleaning and perfuming the sensitive area

Considers sensitive area, special places, which need periodic care and attention capacitor, to prevent any accumulation of germs or bacteria it 
Or around, which usually cause odor inappropriate. So Madam intensify their care and attention, and to prevent the formation of any unpleasant odors, and through the following offer you some of the natural recipes, for cleaning and perfuming the sensitive area.

First, you must use your lye cleanser sensitive area 0.3 times a week, especially after the end of the menstrual cycle, to clean this area well.

Second, it is necessary to preserve this area is always dry, because moisture and water allows the composition of bacteria and germs in and around it.

Third: Make sure you always wear underwear made of cotton, they are the best choice for the sensitive area, to absorb any sweat or moisture.

Fourth, completely avoid the use of ordinary soap to clean the sensitive area, because it kills beneficial bacteria, but it is best to use a special cleaner for that area, "salt solution" is a warm water with the text of a cup of salt.

Fifth: There are a lot of drinks that have a positive impact on the sensitive area, and makes them smart smell naturally, juice , strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, yogurt, chocolates dark, fruits and fresh vegetables in general, as there are some of the dishes that adversely affect, such as : fenugreek and spices.

Sixth: drink adequate amounts of water daily, at least 8 Kobayat, to get rid of toxins and bacteria present in the body, and helps you to get rid of sensitive region of the odors naturally.

: If you're a fan of daily wear sanitary napkins, you painted musk before wearing, to Tdmna cleaner and perfuming the area at the same time.
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