How do you choose the right boot for you in the winter?

The bot essential piece indispensable in the closet winter clothes for the modern woman elegant; as it gives the appearance a touch elegant and attractive, as well as heating legs. Overlooking bot Bmodellat variety, and then women stand bewildered in front of the shelves in the shops shoes. By following these standards and rules women can choose a bot, which flirts strength.

Short legs:

German shoe expert Claudia Schulz said that women with short legs by matching boot with a long leg; because the short leg of the bot makes women's legs look shorter.

Short stature:

Schulz added that a bot is provided Pointed is ideal for women with short stature; where it makes the legs look longer, as opposed to the round-the foreground.
And it can confirm this effect by selecting a boot with a thick heel or cone, while a boot heel slim suits with short stature and the soles of the leg Almmhawk women.

Soles leg EU official:

German fashion expert Yanina Butch said that with the soles of the leg EU official Igazlha Alonkl bot, which is as long as women's ankle, and heel thick here better than the skinny heels; because it offers women more stability and consistency while walking.
Butch added that models with ligaments or made from chamois is best suited for women with leg soles EU official; because they do not stick strongly opposed to the leg pads of models made of smooth skin.

Long Tall:

German fashion expert Christina Gallus said that long-very tall and textures Almmhawk women tease her boot with flat soles or soles huge; as it makes it look a little bit shorter.
Matt or glossy?
Gallus indicated that a bot-looking matte finish makes the legs look slimmer and leaner, unlike models with glossy appearance, which make the legs look more full.

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