Special care of the legs during the winter

We'll help you here to take care of your legs during the winter

Always moist skin
If exposed to successive temperatures vary between cold outside, warm inside, the most important causes of fatigue skin during the winter. So we recommend that you keep them on the need to Aahars always moistened. Even if your skin is oily during the summer, we recommend that you choose the cream by painting elements to be used during the winter, especially on sensitive areas such as your ankle and Koek, who Akunan and more vulnerable to drought in this chapter. Also we recommend using moisturizing cream several times during the day.

Feed your skin
Beauty is not only virtual beauty, especially in winter, Fbchertk need all the nutrients to be texture and appearance amazing. Make sure to eat a balanced, which means lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and fiber, and do not forget to drink lots and lots of water, it helps to keep moisten your skin.

Best exercises for the winter
The expiration of the summer months and enjoy days by the pool does not mean that you can not spend good times abroad during the winter season also. Choose a foreign sport that suits you. For example, why not Tejrebin skiing? It will help you to enjoy your time abroad and also give your legs look pretty high and fitness.

Home winter resort
If the weather is rainy or abroad bleak, we recommend you Spend some time to take care of yourself in the warmth of your home! Ohali scented candles, and Invite your girlfriend favorite to listen to music and relax.

Versus the bathroom shower
There is no nicer than lying down inside the bath tub with warm water few extra pounds, when the weather is cold and bleak outside, but I am careful not to go too far in this matter. Make a short period of the bathroom, and the degree of warm water temperature. For recreation inside the house can Tstbdla bathroom with shower warm fast. And make sure to moisturize your skin immediately after a bath moisturizer cream or oil, which facilitates the absorption of the skin, a moisturizing cream is still warm and moist and were open pores.

What do you wear in the winter
The skin is rarely touches the air during the winter, So try to provide your clothes soft and comfortable for your skin. The coarse texture of fabrics strain the skin, So try when buying clothes for the winter that Tbgesa what relaxes your skin. And choose, for example, natural fabrics that allow your skin to breathe.

Dry air from the bitterest enemies of your skin is. The weather is dry during the winter because cold air does not hold moisture. The heating system in the home may reduce the humidity to 30%. All you have to do is to buy a steam machine to provide the environment in which you live where some moderate humidity and that will benefit your skin and your breathing.

Samra winter
Do not you find the sweetest look with a tan? But unfortunately for the winter oeuvre chance to sit in the sun .. but Deik from the sun! You can get a wonderful brown appearance in your home with the help of a special package of good varieties of cream or Alaasebrai Bacassap tan. National clean the skin prior to use and was keen to be Tozeih evenly. As for the sun outside the home, although they may look weak in the winter, but the rays may be harmful to your skin so much. So always make sure to use the cream and sun protection when you go out during the day.
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