How do you use olive oil for hair removal

Olive Oil immense benefits to the level of health from a medical point, but it has many benefits in the field of beauty and skin care and hair. Among the most prominent of these benefits mention its use in hair removal in women. How contribute olive oil in hair removal

Remove body hair

Nationalist initially sealed using a new bottle of olive oil, then Pour a small amount of olive oil on your hands, and Afrckehma well together. Then, rub the area that you would like to get rid of the hair by the oil on your hands, whether your hands or your feet. In the case it was the first time where do you use olive oil, Aftbekaya the beginning of your hand on the most ease the region.

By then the code, Mrreha on the area you Dhuntha olive oil, from the bottom up to you get a guaranteed result. It is worth mentioning that olive oil protects the skin from injuries during shaving and the emergence of undesirable scars.
After shaving, do not use any of the soft material of the skin on the area by the hair removed by olive oil, as the latter has the same characteristics moisturizing.

Facial hair removal

Olive oil is also used to remove soft and little facial hair, and all that you need it, is: mixing a cup of grated soap olive oil with a tablespoon of coarse salt, a cup of coffee and rose water. Tmzjeha and after that you get a cohesive mixture looks like a decent, put it on your face for an hour or two hours, and the hair will disappear automatically. Then wash your face with warm water and soap.
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  1. how much olive oil do you use in this mixture?

  2. how much olive oil do you use in this mixture?