Dry Hair Care

Featuring dry hair and dried and free of fat resulting from the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the oils, so at least the gloss, and must be cared for and consult a cosmetic doctors and the experts, there are some tips to take care of dry hair:

1. Experts advise to stay away from hair dyes that contain chemicals greatly affect the hair follicles and weaken, and the possible result in the various cancers, as well as blow dry which leads to bomb the hair and drying.

2_ansah Bamadaomh weekly oil bath to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and to secrete fat that reduce dry hair, and have it massage the scalp with any hair tonic oil, such as castor or cactus or corn oil or others, then cover the hair before showering hour and then wash the hair .

3_ hairiness massage fingers and frequent Tmsheeth working to promote the secretion of fat and this makes it a natural hair care is the same body.

4_ advised doctors must pay attention to the type of food intake, they must focus on the high-fat foods and eating foods rich in protein, increases the quality of understanding of dry hair and Akhvfanah.

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