Curly Hair Care

Frizz draw attention Khconth and complexity of qualities he needs to surpass all other types care, so nationalist these steps that we have proposed for hair care curly and bonds, the result:

1_ Stay away from the use of the brush in the demobilization of your hair, it operates on a Nkch and Ttaarh it seems Ohosa alienate him, and use instead of Comb brush his teeth petition.

2_ Make sure always to give luster to your hair strands so that Tjmelih and Tfatta sight of brilliance, Vqoma spray droplets rich Ballamaan.

3_ You can use your fingers in your hair interlocking qualities decoding process, so that eased to tear comb _khasalk. 

4_ After washing your hair, try not Tmsheeth process, a wet and dry and leave it alone because it is wet comb your hair hurts so Keep your hair curly methods of care.

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