Color-Treated Hair Care

As is known, the dye affect the hair and the strength, growth and density to contain strong chemicals that have a significant damage especially if the hair itself is suffering from damage Kaltqcef and others, so there are some tips that will help hair dyed Care: 

1_  must stay away from hair dye that your hair is suffering from weakness or embrittlement as the weak hair not strong enough to withstand the chemical constituent effect.

2_ ajb you before coming to dye your hair that you are unsure of your chosen color, in order to Atdatri to expose your hair again to harm the chemicals that you do not like the color of your skin did not fit.

3_ advised not to dye at home and go to fluent dye in the saloons, though I had to dye into a full house Read the instructions on the package.

4_ bath oil work continuously, ensuring the utmost care hair dyed. 

5_  must use special shampoo hair dyed as it maintains more than regular shampoos on the color Abbghb.

6_ dye lead to hair damage, its got this natural recipes must be addressed, and the most common and widely used these recipes; mix yogurt with ground ring is placed before showering two hours and then wash.

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