Supermodel Gisele Bundchen As the Spokesperson of Vivara Jewelry

In recent times, Vivara jewelry, a Brazil brand, has launched the 2015 classic and luxurious jewelry. It is said that this jewelry designing inspiration comes from the French sexy kitten Brigitte Bardot in 1960s. When it was pushed out, it has aroused a great sensation all over the world. Most of us were impressed by this fashionable jewelry collection.

Not just jewelry itself left the most impressive and remarkable impression on our memory, so did its jewelry film for advertising the jewelry. Vivara chose their own country’s beautiful representative as the spokesperson who names Gisele Bundchen shooting the film with naked body. Her sexy figure could match with the sexy kitty completely. In particular, geometric line jewelry is very simple and concise. When she wore it, it incredibly made us feel another perfect flavor.

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