Fashion taste of Chocolate Salon du Chocolat 2015

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Wonderful taste of chocolate adored by millions of women, depart yesterday show Salon du Chocolat 2015 in Beirut, which brought together fashion designers and makers of sweets to devise a set of costumes made from chocolate Luxury manner.

The taste of chocolate reflected on fashion
Fashion show varied between different designs of dresses, emerged as fashion inspired by the ancient Romanian Ages and that the emergence of long scarves with snakes, as well as the brilliance of the hill dress decorated chocolate small cubes style attracts attention.

Accessories tales of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Accessories made some duties in drawing attention, including the emergence of a magic lamp which adorns the top supermodels in style, along with the emergence of the hand fan of chocolate, chocolate Discover the most beautiful fashion Join us your opinion and you can wear such a fashion.

Fashion taste chocolate | Fashion accessories Fashion Designers Fashion | Fashion made of chocolate | Dresses 
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