Tips to dress and look like Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a celebrity that started off as a fashion model, but has made it to become one of the big names in Hollywood. People not only praise her addicting ability but many adore here sense of style. It is little wonder that many people would just love to dress and look like her.
Tips to dress and look like Charlize Theron

We all have our unique characteristics which may make it difficult for us to fully emulate this star. However there is a lot you can do to capture the Charlize Theron look; the more you do the more you will resemble here. Here are some tips to dress and look like Charlize Theron.
  • Charlize is a stylish dresser and she favours a sophisticated look rather than trying to look cute or sexy. Her wardrobe brings out all her womanhood and makes her stick out in a crowd. If you want to follow the example of this celebrity you should choose clothes that look a bit vintage and classy.
  • She is always very experimental when it comes to her hair, and there is no real Charlize hairstyle as such. She seems to always maintain her own sense of uniqueness though; no matter what way she has her hair. Her most famous look is probably blonde and funky.
  • Charlize has fantastic looking skin and you will need to have a good skin care routine if you hope to recreate this. Make sure that you regularly cleanse your skin and moisturiser is a must.
  • She always seems to have a healthy tan, and this is something you can recreate using makeup. Select a bronzer to suit your skin type, but don’t overdo it. You want to create something that looks 100% natural.
  • Charlize tends to be quite conservative with lipstick as well. She prefers a light pink lip gloss which she normally frames using a flesh-tone lip liner. She really does prove that less can be more.
  • When it comes to eye makeup this is another area where Charlize likes to keep things as natural as possible. She uses a very fine eye liner and eye shadow that is flesh coloured.
If you follow these tips to dress and look like Charlize Theron you should be able to recreate something quite convincing. She is not the easiest person to copy because she is always changing her style.
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