The High Street shop telling girls it's fashionable to be FAT: For years, they've bullied women into being super skinny. But is their change of tactic even more cynical - and dangerous?

Where there’s a problem, there’s a profit. And tonight, a rather horrifying Channel 4 documentary called Plus Sized Wars illustrates this, going behind the scenes as the High Street fashion industry battles for the prize of a special teenage market: the seriously obese.
We all know girls are getting bigger. It started gradually, as waists grew and female musculature changed with better health, exercise and nutrition.
As average sizes grew and tiny, cinched waists became rarer, we saw a number of years when the chain stores stealthily extended their sizings. Come on, girls, admit it: in some crafty shops, ‘size 12s’ are what we once knew as 14/16.

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