Haute Couture: Kaviar Gauche Bridal 2016 collection

Designers Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl have once again found inspiration in a floral element of nature: the iris, a delicate and striking blossom that combines mystic and earthly qualities and issymbolic of creativity and true love. Named after the eponymous Greek goddess,the personification of the rainbow, it has myriad facets. But in its purest elemental form, a white blossom, it serves as the recurring theme of the new 

Bridal Couture collection by Kaviar Gauche.
The iris element appears in different reincarnations in all 22 of the exclusively ivory coloured collection pieces. The collection's key piece, for example, the White Iris Dress, references the flower with its opulent skirt volume, showcasing the bride's innocence, 
lightness and uniqueness.

In order to replicate the fragile venations of the blossom, plissé was used in some of the dresses, providing an especially fine structured ruffling of the material. The iris embroideries on tulleare also worthy of mention, embellishing several collection pieces with painstaking couture craftsmanship, allowing them to shine in inimitable elegance. The typical Kaviar Gauche attributes of effortlessness and sensuality are conveyed in 

particular by the use of filigree materials like chiffon, organza and silk tulle.
The cut and shapes of the collection are reminiscent of the Belle Époque, the turn of the century, a time of seismic cultural shifts, which the collection plays with in its use of contrasts: the dresses play coquettishly with Victorian corsetry, combining the exquisite materials of the bourgeoisiewith transparent silhouettes in bohemian style. Especially the high-necked Innocent Iris Dress, with its corselet, embodies the modern bride in a neo-Victorian manner. For the first time Kaviar Gauche is freeing itself of its high waists and has created a 
bodice for the independent and strong woman that allows freedom of movement.

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