Surprise: deodorant retards hair growth

Is my reputation by deodorant that retards the growth of your hair, especially in sensitive areas?

Most global studies have proven in the field of dermatology, that excess hair removal in sensitive areas (under the armpits and the region intimacy), using one of the correct wax or shaving means and then use deodorant after, it is possible to contribute to the delay in the growth of hair in the pores, giving you clean appearance for a long time ...

Not only that, but this wonderful product in the prevention of sweat and excess skin oil production, which cause the spread of bacteria that infect the hair follicles become infected and lead to the emergence of a prominent blisters known as works (folliculitis). It also Ihamaki change of hair growth path.

 So we recommend using Eve race remover to clean your skin, taking care to skip applied to wet mucosal sites so as not to expose you specifically in the genital area of ​​irritation. In addition to that you should but stick gently peel these places twice or three times a week, while refraining from setting deodorant immediately after hair removal to calm down the skin.
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