Study reveals the best song to feed libido,

See what is the best song you can listen to when having sexMay notify in mind certainsongsbut the study showed that the most famous song is Dirty Dancing.

A study titled "the scientific understanding of music" that this song, which was launched 25 years ago are the most popular when having sex, but the study revealed that men in particular do not have any problem in changing the "taste music" if they were "going to make success after anotherin bed. "

The study, which was supervised by site "Spotefaa" music, to play music in the bedroom the best 40 per cent from touching the other partner.

And replaced the song Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye in second place, while the song Bolero in third place.

Said Daniel Molinsifan, psychiatrist specializing in music, it's no wonder the results which confirm the relationship between music and large growing sexual feeling when you listen to it. The Molinsifan confirmed that music works to activate areas in the brain that respond to hunger and desire sex.

The present study explored the views of two thousand S_khas in the UK, aged between 18 and 91 years, half of them male and half female.

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