Respect Breasts The Fountain Of Beauty, Life And Sex

Breasts are fountains of beauty on female bodies. Breasts are a centre of focus and attraction on all women by men.

 Beauty is a woman takes into account breasts in his case size and cleavage potential.

To men breasts are considered a source of pleasure and comfort in foreplay.

As fashion designers embrace cleavage as an element of beauty, today we are seeing more appreciation of breasts. Breasts are more pronounced in females than males though the opposite can also be true.
Today breasts have become a fantasy in the media.This has caused esteem issues as big breasts seem to be centre of focus.Some still have to undergo surgery to boost appearance for breast  size and shape.
People credit breasts for contribution to their upbringing through breast milk. Breasts denote transformation from childhood to adulthood earning a girl status, respect and responsibility in society as a full woman.
Some people think its obscenity to talk about breasts but its part of nature. In some communities breasts are private parts while in some areas they are not private. In Africa, women breastfeed freely in public and generally women are not afraid to remove their clothes when it’s hot day.
The size of breasts is another extra mile issue before us; naturally breasts can become big due to adolescence, pregnancy, surgery and breast feeding. Breasts are naturally small or fallen-flatten after menopause or early stages in childhood respectively.
Clothes also influence the appearance of breasts. The overall   determinant factor to the sizes is the hormonal .small breasts bearers are considered young and less attractive. Women with small and big breasts often have low self esteem.
Breasts have also helped shape fashion trends of recent. Clothes are now made in respect of the bust and size of breasts. Those not comfortable with their breasts should consider wearing bras to enhance their appearance. Bras can be “push up”, ‘tube bras ‘and so forth.
The treasure is now faced with the deadly killer breast cancer. Breast cancer claims millions of women worldwide regardless age or status in society. October month has been set aside to create awareness and fight the disease.
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