New information on the application of hair cosmetics

Possess distinctive hairstyle and radiant, require the use of multiple products take care of it, protect it from damage and help Altsfivh time in a long time in the same splendor and beauty., A host of new information that should tell her about the application of hair products, Vakchwiha to Temtlki views ideal ...

Shampoos: more rules than the recommended cosmetic experts to get the distinctive hairstyle, is that you will begin Pttherh and remove all dirt and dust from it, by washing it with shampoo for your kind.

Hair dryer: Commit Eve drained well your hair dryer or using a towel nice layering before applying cosmetics. This is because his condition prevents the wet ingredients to penetrate the fabric, thereby hindering access to a satisfactory conclusion.

Cream individual hairs: Conti If you would like to streamline the work of hairstyle, it must Ttbaka cream righteousness quantities fit the length of your hair, and distribute them through your fingers combing starting from the back of your head forward to ensure coverage of all areas.

Cream and heat shield: lovers to use the electric dryer and straightening iron, should be upon you that Ttabguen first protective layering of high temperatures cream, to protect the fabric of your hair from split ends and damage that leads to the loss.

Serum gloss: you'll need Madam to develop a serum or serum to add more luster and sparkle to your hair, and the correct way to apply it is to put a few drops on your hands and then Zeiha only on the ends of the hair and I am careful not to touch the roots so as not to cause increased fat production. 

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