Hair dyes colors depending on the color of your skin

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The choice of color hair dye of the difficult things every woman, the hair color affect a woman's shape and happen radical change her, so the change either in favor of women, or vice versa, so you will take care of your dear women and recognize together the colors of hair dyes that are commensurate with each color skin with us until you learn how to choose the right color dye which adds to you and your beauty.

Hair dyes colors depending on the color of your skin

1. Color hot chocolate
If your skin is brown and you want to dye hair color suits it quite the hot cocoa color is the right choice for you, and you can choose the color darker "dark chocolate" as you want to.

2. Black color
The choice of bold commensurate with all skin tones especially with the addition of a touch of lipstick to be attractive views and warm, and certainly this is not the right color for those who prefer softer views.

3. brown
Farewell to the nature ... After choosing the color of the dye and hair growth again, we find a difference between the roots of the hair and the color of the parties, and there are those who prefer to change the nature of the color of the roots and choose a new color to become a hair color dark roots and lighter than in the parties, certainly that distinctive color suit triticeous with skinned women.

4. brown bronze
Color fiery chestnut or bronze suitable for white skin it amazing color eliminates the boredom, adding touches of make-up from the addition of light purple eye shadow and pink berry lips and Enjoy fantastic views attractive.

5. Color-Ashqar
We are talking about the color of platinum lightest color to the dark, and is commensurate with the skinned women blonde, you can add a little make-up in pink light and a touch of black mascara to look simple and attractive.

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