3 Secrets to care for your hair in the summer

Due to rising temperatures significantly in the summer, especially in these days, you may feel that your hair has become very bad, Vlamaanh has disappeared to become a fading is prevalent him, in addition to the coarse texture and parties volatile.

How Taidyn vital to your hair again to Taatogay hair shiny and healthy

1.akhtari the right tools:
You must use the right tools to keep your hair from wrinkling and volatility, and these tools are divided into 

two sections:
• Care is the first tools, which include the right shampoo and conditioner. Choose your type of hair products avoid taking even harm it. Your hair greasy Valchampo may take away all of your hair oils and vitamins that are stored inside If your hair is dry, which may increase the drying, and so on.
• Section II, a straightening tools, which include iron and hair dryer and others. Choose native species, which depend on access to the appropriate temperature, which can carry around hair, with a move away from the cheap price and commercial species that rely on very high temperatures that may damage the hair.

2.qoma Ptnchev always your hair soft cotton towel even avoid taking friction with other coarse hair towels, which may lead over time to increase the complexity of your hair and wrinkles. This step is one of the most important secrets of hair care, and to increase interest in poetry you can replace the towels with a clean cotton clothes, they will be more paper and softness to your hair for sure.

3.astkhaddma appropriate to brush your hair, preferably be made of natural materials or use wooden comb; and when it is wet styling obey all start from the bottom up to avoid breaking the hair.
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