The latest shoes 2015 to Taatogay in the evening and happy occasions

 Months still Antrat global competition this season strongly, and surprise us all to launch her new collection, this famous brand has succeeded in providing shoe-class and luxury models adorn all views and evening events throughout the day, these models of women's shoes will appeal estimated value shoe Kakssoar adds a lot to Atalaladtha in events, and even if the views of the morning was going shopping with friends.

And featured in this group they contain comfortable shoes medium length with rifle made by the world's most famous brands Bmodellat and colors and carvings variety, it is a palette of bright and beautiful colors with distinction, which included the Golden degrees and fuchsia and black and red, so choose you the most beautiful pieces from the signing of your brand favorite, to Taatogay in the Eid al-Fitr for added sophistication to Taltk, where you find different models and variety of shoes between Alglitr and polycrystalline and Alstrass, which is adorned by pointed shoes this season, in addition to shoes with high heels and long, created by senior designers to suit all tastes.

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