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Cosmetic German artist Rene Koch said that proper care is the secret of the beauty of the lips; as the most beautiful makeup lips will not achieve the desired effect, if the lips dry and cracked.
To avoid dry lips, hut is advisable to use pencils Eye Care containing hyaluronic acid before going to bed; where they work to hydrate the lips constantly, warning licking lips moistened for the purpose; where it leads to the opposite result and increases the dry lips due to the evaporation of moisture.

German cosmetics artist also advised to conduct peeling lips on a regular basis, pointing to the possibility of preparing a lotion peeling at home, it consists of a large half teaspoon yeast and a little salt and mineral water. After mixing the ingredients, the mixture is put on the lips by a toothbrush; where she works in yeast enzymes to remove scaly skin particles.

Make-up is the second step to get attractive lips full of feminine. Initially Koch recommends using Registry to identify, pointing to the importance of decorating the heart of the lips well; because the lips look more attractive, as was the highlight of this part. You can also use the Registry specifically to give small lips larger size than they are.

In order proves the chosen color red lips, the German beauty artist recommends the development of two layers Rgiqtin him instead of one thick layer; a first layer where it is scanned and then put in a towel, then put a second layer and scanned in the towel.
For color, Koch stressed that whenever the occasion in the late evening, the strong colors and flagrant best and most appropriate.
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