New sleep mode stimulate the burning process in the body!

A recent study has shown that sleep without clothes stimulates the body to burn calories better.

The study explained, however, that the intense heat deprive rights of quiet sleep and make it permanent movement during sleep, leading to the secretion of a large amount of the hormone cortisol, which is secreted by the body during exposure to nerve compression, which causes the decline in burning body fat.

According to the study, the liberally from sleep naked, enjoy Phnom quiet, and his body does not produce the hormone cortisol, so the burning his body in a good level, according to the site "Blake".

And advised the study at the same time, women who suffer from fungi in the vaginal area, to abandon underwear while sleeping because the lower temperature reduces the proliferation of fungi.

It is noteworthy that a previous study had shown that people who sleep less than six hours they have to fight the specter of weight gain by resorting to sleep without clothes, because that helps to burn calories.
The feeling cold makes the body invests more energy through the burning of calories.
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