Flowers adorn fashion George Hobeika autumn and winter 2015

Excellence fashion show designer George Hobeika in fashion Parisian Week Haute Couture Fall & Winter 2015 vitality and colors, where evoked designer spirit summer Pantashh and charm, and the real beauty comes from designer who evacuated in luxury designs and elegant, where bestow fashion designer Georges Hobeika special joy feeling high, her hearts, came George Hobeika dresses decorated with colorful flowers and shiny threads that added luster to cut clothing.

George Hobeika group also includes various forms of dresses models, most of which came of them fluffy and short dresses, which is characterized by a woman's body curves dramatically, did not forget the designer George Hobeika added formalized in some designs, such as the elegant suits and feminine with Gampsot Cape hanging from the waist to land.

As for the colors of the designer Georges Hobeika has focused on the steps of blue and pink and white significantly, and for raw materials it has been formed with designs panel moving in very tenderness, through engaging the Aloorganza fabrics and lace and Ahantyon and silk, also appeared Needleworks in the form of colorful butterflies and flowers prominent, elegant with rhinestones, and designer George Hobeika chose to seal currently Pfstan wedding wish any bride to culminate in her wedding day, and is very fluffy from the bottom and a long-sleeved dress and is characterized by a prominent petals of flowers that have emerged and like dew drops on the open flower, and Ttaraz brilliant crystals that cover the chest area to the tail.

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