Elie Saab fashion and accessories kidnap hearts in the Parisian fashion week

As usual excellence Fashion Lebanese designer Elie Saab display within Fashion Week Haute Couture Fall and Winter 2015 in Paris, introduced an impressive too, having surpassed the set designer Elie Saab golden color and colors quiet pastels, with the introduction of two colors new to the permanent sun and are emerald green and red dark, the display is characterized in some bold colors which added to his collection elegance and luxury fit much sparkle in the red carpet for 2016.

Where keen Lebanese designer Elie Saab to add a touch distinctive carry a lot of luxury and sophistication to his collection for autumn and winter of 2015, where the form of golden color strength of this high-end group, presented by Elie Saab varying pink Alambord and Blue and Burgundy and Black, was also keen to adorn permanent sun manual embroidery, who played an important role in his collection for autumn and winter 2015, where fashion designer Elie Saab chose to put his experience and his art, which has no boundaries in the autumn and winter collection 2015 to dazzle the audience with all permanent sun bearing the signature details.

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