Discover the five health benefits Arabic coffee

Arabic coffee drink is not without it the Arab table during Ramadan, but no one knows what most of us it is full of health benefits for the body. Here are the benefits of months Arabic coffee.

1. weight loss
Arabic coffee soft drink free of calories as they limit the excessive appetite making it useful for those who want to lose excess weight.

2. filled with antioxidants
Of the most important benefits of Arabic coffee it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, which helps to reduce the incidence of many diseases and cancerous tumors.

3. to maintain the humidity in the body
Arabic coffee constantly helps to protect the body from drought to formation of 95% of the water as they prevent rapid thirst during the day in Ramadan.

4. contain less caffeine ratio
Do not worry of Arabic coffee at night, they contain a small amount of caffeine compared to coffee pills, which means it is better than a healthy drink dark coffee.

5. reduce the risk of diabetes
Accede to the benefits of Arabic coffee also its ability to reduce the incidence of diabetes and cirrhosis of the liver and reduce the risk of ischemic stroke.
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