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The menstrual cycle of the most common problems that affect women mood and activity in general pain. If you do not you find a meaningful way to reduce the pain, it will tell you today some exercise that will ease the pain of the menstrual cycle so that Taatmknyn of exercise daily activities as normal.

First Exercise:

- Stand up straight, and sign me your legs together.

- Lift up your hands up and take a deep breath from your nose.

- Come down, you're out of your hands and exhale from your mouth.

- Bend the upper half of your body and the earth with your hands x-mas.

- Wait a full minute and then get up.

Note: preferably Mfirodtan knees, but if Tsttiei do so, he commended a little knee.

Exercise II:

- Sit on the floor with Rkpetk bend, as in the picture.

- National Dzek bend forward, and Smooth your hands completely.

- Asenda your head to the ground and Close your eyes and will continue on this situation for more than a minute or two until you feel relaxed.

- Patron quietly breathing during exercise to feel relaxed and to ease the pain of the menstrual cycle.

Third Exercise:

- Abdominal Lie on the floor.

- Lift up your chest and your head to the top.

- Bend your legs and Arfehma from the ground.

- Unfold your arms back and Hold your feet.

- National stability to this situation for a minute with breathing quietly, and will feel Ptlashi abdominal pain during the menstrual cycle.
-amutira To practice this exercise when you feel intense pain during the menstrual cycle and tell us any of them will feel with him that you prefer.
First Exercise
Second Exercise
Third Exercise

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