Breastfeeding raise the level of intelligence in old age

The site said "Woe to Wit Froendin" The German breastfeeding raise the level of intelligence in old age, according to the Brazilian long-term study.

Site on the affairs of Health explained that this study was conducted in two phases: the first was the early eighties; where the researchers collected data about 6000 baby, including breast-feeding for the child.

The second phase they were conducted after the passage of 30 years; where nearly 3,500 children, data collection, who are now adults, including the level of intelligence and educational qualification, function and size of the salary.

The study results showed that adults who were breastfed for a year or more, enjoy intelligent rates extremely high, confirms the existence of a link between the high level of intelligence in old age and duration of breast-feeding at a young age, regardless of social class, which the child grew up.

Has not yet been reached as to why the effect of breastfeeding in the tiny high level of intelligence in old age, but the researchers believe that the high proportion of essential fatty acids long-chain in breast milk contributes to raising the level of intelligence.
On the other hand, The site "Froendin Woe to Wit" that breastfeeding also contribute to strengthening the immune system of the child.
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