7 steps to maintain long-lasting Manicure

Here are these easy tips to keep up a steady nail polish and long lasting on: Zafrck

Stop soak your nails: Soak nails in the nail water leads to water absorption, what expands its natural form.
Stay away from purgatory: we recommend using a mild soap and warm water.

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My pen is the average length of your nails: when the long nails are more prone to peeling and breakage.

Look for a good tonic for your nails, and Astkhaddmah constantly. Strong Valozafar absorb nail polish and keep it for a longer time.
Apply the paint in one direction, and to avoid the coming and going; The difference in attitudes can weaken nails, making them more likely to break and peel.

No Tkthrey of paint layers: We recommend you put a layer or two layers of paint to ensure maximum survival of paint for the longest possible period.

Use appropriate nail polish Upon completion of the paint mode.
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