4 important steps to care for damaged hair

1. Hair wash stage
Certainly you will be asked wash your hair twice or more a week, why not washed evaluating the right way that enables you to take care during the wash? You can achieve this by washing well the hair from the roots with heart hair down and massage the scalp so as to give way for the renewal of blood circulation in the hair, which increases its vitality with the opportunity for the emergence of a new hair falling everywhere, you are so may you care for your hair without providing you more time.

2. Hair wetting phase
After the massage the scalp and rub the hair roots, rinse your hair thoroughly with water until the disposal of the remains of shampoo in full, and so you are may you look after your hair and deported him crust, which consists of the remnants of shampoo annoying, then national development of hair balm or cream bath, but far from the roots Hair; because those products contain chemicals, and you wash the hair thoroughly with water after it, and finally passing the national cold water on your scalp, so you are you have to close the pores of the scalp.

3. ventilation stage and drying hair
You leave the opportunity for your hair even breathing and exposed to air and sun, Just die Rose if far from air fade hair if moved away from the air, and leave to dry naturally in the outdoors, and if you're in a hurry you can dried by a nice, soft towel using a technique pressure and not rubbing, Thus Thamin your hair from breakage and precipitation.

4. comb the hair stage
Start the process of combing hair, but from the bottom up; because combing from top to bottom process cause precipitation, and try to let your hair exposed to the air for half an hour before linking using clips or rubber hair.

It should be noted that this routine things in hair care must be applied at all times and not in the days of fasting only that, but interest in them and apply them in the days of fasting more than other days; due to time constraints with regard to the interest of hair and coddling using masks and baths Karim different oils.
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