What is the dry cleaning for the body? And benefits for the skin?

Dry cleaning of the skin is one of the natural ways in which skin experts recommend to activate blood circulation and cleanse the body of toxins and treat a variety of skin problems such as cellulite. This technique depends on a dry massage the skin in circular motions with a brush body taking into account that this process is in one of the bottom-up in the direction of the direction of the heart. Dry cleaning process includes the body's many benefits for the skin are as follows:

Stimulate blood circulation
Massage the skin by body brush helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body and facilitate the expulsion of toxins and then the process of strengthening the skin glow and freshness and prevention of the symptoms of premature aging.

Peeling skin
Dry cleaning of the skin works to remove accumulated on the skin of dead skin cells and clean pores, allowing the skin to breathe properly.

Cellulite Treatment
The benefits of dry-cleaning of the skin also it helps to melt the fat and redistribute evenly under the skin which reduces cellulite Owaltarjat appearing skin as it gives your skin taut and look more attractive.

Revitalization of the lymphatic system
The task of the lymphatic system to get rid of the bacteria and the remains of cells first hand. The body is filled with millions of lymph nodes that collect impurities from the body's tissues to transmit into the bloodstream to carry out cleansing, and this process will help to protect the body from many infections and diseases that may threaten the health of the body. As for the role Dry Cleaning here, it is a catalyst to stimulate the lymphatic system to function in a balanced and effective.

Reduce tension
Dry cleaning is one of the forms of natural body massage It reduces muscle tension and works to calm the nerves and reduce tension.
The modus operandi of the skin Dry Cleaning
If you want to follow this technique at home, all you have to do is buy a brush to the body with high quality, so enjoy the natural hairs. Massage the body by the former way mentioned before bathing for a period ranging from 5-10 minutes. And Azba to do this process on a regular basis, and you'll notice a marked change in the appearance of your skin.
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