The beauty of your chest and breast-feeding

Talk about breastfeeding and its benefits for the child and the mother are many, but here we will discuss breastfeeding relationship to beauty, and does have an impact on the beauty of the woman's chest? Some women explain the reason for distancing itself from breast-feeding causes and flimsy, as if, for example, says that her breast does not produce milk, but milk production does not start until after the birth of three or four days, it is known that the baby while breast sucking stimulates milk secretion and protects the seriousness of the congestion of the breasts, but If a child is given feeding from a bottle - even if the time and make the one- child hates breast-feeding again. Nor Tzna that breast-feeding will spend on the beauty of your chest as well as the loss of your time, dairy producers have exploited the naivety of some women and claimed that the industrial milk than breast milk, in terms of a complete food for the child and the elements of food reservation babies from disease, forgetting that Albzazh alone capable of dragging These diseases Odharaha.

Dear Eve .. breastfeeding immediately after birth is necessary and healthy, Valtda secreted liquid tilted to zero known as Alklstrom .. or colostrum .. This liquid prepared by God Almighty to suit the need of the baby at birth .. On the third or fourth day starts the secretion of milk .. here and so You are easily breastfeeding and without pain you should breast nipple care before feeding and then to keep them clean sound so you do not get Balthqq .. and are cleaning wash nipple before feeding lightly moistened with warm water .. The after-feeding are well Tdena Paljlsrin or petroleum jelly until the skin Bleonth and flexibility retains not infected Balthqq.

But not taken to use alcohol to clean the nipple so as not to dry skin and cracks.
Breastfeeding and usefulness for women
· At birth happens extended to members of genital Vtaml mother breastfeeding on the speed of the return of these Members to normal.

· Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage as well as breast and Althabath pain.
· Help the interruption of menstruation for the duration of breast-feeding, leading to comfort the genitals of the mother and prevent congestion of the uterus and ease of contraction .. and contraception also therefore find child care longer before having another pregnancy.
· Receipt of mothers who breastfeed their children from the risk of breast cancer.

· Breastfeeding keeps the weight of the mother and help not exposed to obesity and obesity.

· You can maintain the beauty of your chest and your body after birth by doing some exercise that are related to the beauty of the chest and abdomen.

Finally Breastfeeding safety first line of defense bridge against mental illness and against various personality disorders that occur to the child, which play a vital and important role in prevention, and a closer relationship between the child and the mother, making them strong and coherent relationship, and this helps the child a sense of psychological comfort and happiness, and this in turn affects the the growth of the body naturally balanced growth,
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