Sandalwood star fashion above the knee in the summer of 2015

Sandalwood is above the knee (Over Knee Sandal) Star Fashion women's shoes in the summer of 2015, to give women the attention-grabbing views reflect the boldness and uniqueness of her style.
Magazine, "The Style" German explained that a sandal above the knee ligaments longer appropriate for the activities of everyday life and festive occasions, adding that in harmony with the short dress or short skirt or shorts, in order to highlight it.
She noted, "The Style" to the importance of sandalwood coordinate above the knee with a cut superstructures closed show simplicity and tranquility; where it should, for example, to get away from big-Sadr slots and cutting paneled Bahaliat gleaming pieces, so as to allow the sandal to be in the spotlight and the axis of views.
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