Pictures .. "Tess" the first model of the weight of 130 kg

May constitute excess weight impediment to a lot of ladies, Vetjneben wear clothes they buy, or hesitate to go to the sea, but the American Tess Holliday is not of them, they are a fashion model is not at all skinny but approximately weighing 130 kg, and wears a size 26 by the British sizes.

Tess, at the age of 29 years, the revolution began with the stereotype, the models Alozaat "are extremely slim," It proved that beauty is not never thinness, but any beautiful lady possible to become casual even if the weight plus, they obtained recognition as a model of magazine "Vogue" the Italian version, was not satisfied with this recognition, but recently topped the cover of the magazine "People".

In order to change stereotypes of women obese, Tess revolution and continued through social networking sites, to communicate with women, and motivate them to cherish Bjmahin whatever they are, Tess said in this regard: "There is no one way to be a woman, or one way to be beautiful .. Every woman deserves a place , Tess was able to attract a large number of followers across Alanstgram where numbering nearly 724 thousand, and on Facebook about what goes beyond 900 thousand.

The same experience, led by Arab women against the common perception about obesity, which united the word participants "Miss obese Arabs in 2015" to break the stereotype of the body and the criteria the usual aesthetic, in a unique event, a crowning beauty queen on obese Arab who Thern on standards of beauty Although excess body weight

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