Lebanese fashion designer "Elie Abou Faysal" offers international fashion oriental touches

In recent times were renowned Lebanese fashion designer "Elie Abou Faisal", has won a large segment models dresses of girls and women impressive, what is characterized by the simulation of global fashion but oriental touches and elegant with soft touches.

Has removed "to Abu Faisal," the curtain from the recent collection of dresses "haute couture" for a summer 2015 touches to feel ownership of all worn as a princess on the throne of elegance.

In spite of that "to" foot the international fashion characterized by bold and excitement, but it Glvha oriental touches and the more featured in all high-end designs.

Most dresses distinction of being long-sleeved maxi, but added the wearing of distinctive elegance and touches different from the rest of the designers, where he excelled in the selection of bright colors that suit the nature of the Arab-skinned. "Elie Abou Faisal" has been linked to numerous to detail Every design carries over a piece of the model so they look worn in pompous dissolved.

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