In the evening becomes a princess on the throne of elegance .. lace, chiffon Dvian on Atalaltk memorable

Ask a fashion, "Amr Fouad" designer, featured a group of Swart dresses for summer 2015, which was characterized by the elegant and distinctive details Palmodellat, and highlighted by soft fabrics of chiffon and lace luxury.

He says, "Amr Fouad" presented an exclusive range of dresses, "Swart", far from the scope of repetition and stereotypes which depends on anthropomorphism, but the new models come loose graceful layers of soft and luxurious fabrics.

When a combination of fabrics ores result is richer in Model and better appearance and distinctive, Fabric "hill" always confer on Alvestanin special characteristic when there is homogeneity and exchange between the two colors.

Swart dresses in a world wide new visitor models, but it gives the strength of the girl excellence and views peek, it highlights the beauty and hidden defects and give it agility and an increase in length.

Always mix of fabrics and gentlemen carved of the same color on the Model confer distinction and glamor particular has sought to present the designer model of animate body full of harmony between fabrics and inconsistencies in lengths.

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