Important Tips to avoid getting pills bikini area

The bikini area pills of the most painful things that can happen to women, so many of whom are looking for different ways to avoid the appearance. If you are from those you should read the following tips that will help you avoid injury pills bikini.

- Make sure to always wash bikini area twice a day, so do not give an opportunity to the proliferation and spread of bacteria and fungi. You can use a gentle lotion or antibacterial soap.

- If you are using a razor blade to remove excess hair, always make sure it is clean and sharp. Do not tumble more than twice the code to clean up the bikini area of ​​excess hair because they are the things that lead to inflammation of the skin and the emergence of bacteria that cause grain.

- Moist always bikini area Bkremat contain alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids and Peel region twice a week. And to get rid of dead skin that fills the pores and cause breakouts in the bikini area.

- Attaghi to shower with warm water before removing the hair bikini, or national action compresses hot water until the bloom pores and becomes a hair removal is easy.

- Do not do hair removal, unlike the trend, for example, if the hair bikini heading to the bottom of it should you will begin from the top toward the bottom because this method reduces the chance of pounding hair and his presence under the skin, causing inflammation and then the emergence of grain.

- After the completion of bikini hair removal, application of national holder baking soda with water. Take just a teaspoon of baking soda and add them to a glass of water and put them on the bikini area. Leave for 5 minutes then rinse with cold water. This method works to close the pores and prevent skin inflammation.

- If you are a razor blade users, evaluating careful not to remove the hair on a daily basis, because it is better to leave your hair a little long. Thanks to remove hair every three days so as not to become inflamed and infected skin, causing pimples. If you are using sugar or wax to remove hair, it is best to wait two or three weeks for evaluating remove hair again.

- When choosing underwear preferably made of cotton bikini and cover the entire area in order to reduce friction costumed body that can cause inflammation and pimples.
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