«Ice cream and pizza» .. 9 Avoid foods them before going to sleep

Always what nutrition experts and doctors not to sleep advised after eating directly due to health damage associated with those usually serious, and in spite of so many of us can not sleep before dinner, so they made a site "Health Panda" foreign group of foods that are advised not to drink before you go to sleep, including:

1. red meat
If Knin want to have a quiet night sleep, you and your family Stay away from eating red meat late in the night; because of problems caused by the digestive system and can not easily digested stomach, thus causing insomnia and difficulty breathing.

2. vegetables
Despite the great benefits that they contain fresh vegetables; however, dealt directly before bedtime is not a good idea; where vegetables contain large amounts of natural fibers, which strain the digestive system, so replacing national snack Tnaman even longer period of sleep.

3. Chips
Many of us believe that the potato "chips" chips and snack; but it is not at all; manufacturers The foods generally contain high proportions of "monosodium Allotamat", one of the flavorings that may lead to sleep problems salt.

4. pasta
It is a pasta and one of the best foods that you can prepare for your family for lunch; however, the idea addressed before going to sleep very serious; as they contain very high levels of carbohydrates, fats, and therefore increase the weight quickly and can not digestive system easily handled, so it is not advisable to address them in late at night.

5. Ice Cream
Many of us resort in the face of rising temperature in the summer to eat a lot of ice cream, and although the ice cream is a snack; however, taken before bedtime is not good; as it contains high levels of fats and sugars that the body can not burn them easily , so you will feel insomnia if Tnaolte ice cream before bed, also taking in too much affects obesity.

6. pizza
Did you know that eating one slice of pizza Gardh to keep awake throughout the day !; They are a high-fat foods that are hard on the stomach burned, it also lead to gain weight quickly.

7. legumes
There is no doubt that your body is in great need to take advantage of the benefits of legumes, but preferably taken up in the morning and stay away from them completely before going to sleep, due to the content of a large amount of carbohydrates, which the body can not relax yet addressed.

8. Chocolate
Despite the warning of many recent studies of the risks involved in chocolate; however, many of us do not realize that it is rich in caffeine source, and that cause insomnia, inability to sleep, and therefore Know well that eating chocolate before bed looks like exactly eating a cup of coffee.

9. Tea
Self reason not to eat chocolate is also advised to stay away from tea in late at night, because it is the other contains a large percentage of caffeine, Fabtaadi from eating all foods and drinks that contain caffeine

10. chili
Chili is not only rich in carbohydrates; but also contains large calories can lead to weight gain, especially if handled before going to sleep.

Finally, Madam .. Replace those foods healthy light meals, such as: hard-boiled eggs, cheese with watermelon, for yogurt, fresh fruit and other.
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