How do you choose the summer clothes?

Are you from people who suffer from extreme heat Tensjeen of the smell of sweat that disturb your mood to make you unable to practice your life as you want? If you do you think that the solution to this problem is to wear revealing clothes that usually will show your skin to the hot sun, we would like to tell you this belief is wrong. Because there are types of clothing reserved for summer Sthamik from sunlight and absorb sweat and make you feel completely comfortable. So today I'll give you tips for the selection of summer clothing, namely:

- Choose the summer light or pastel clothing such as: blue, yellow, pink, light green, so Taatogay smoothly in the summer.

- Avoid dark colors as much as possible by the Pachtzan heat and affect you negatively.

- Wear light summer clothes, such as cotton and linen fabric which absorb sweat and make you feel high temperature.

- The long dresses of appropriate clothing for the summer, so make sure to exist in your wardrobe to shine out at different times.

- You can also wear T-shirts with long sleeves or half sleeve decorated with paintings and engravings fantastic.

- Do not let your wardrobe devoid of white shirt made of chiffon or cotton, it is fit for all times and gives a form of elegant women and increases their attractiveness.

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