How can make the most of bath time

I quite like bath time, because the time for me, it is a time in which relax and Odallal myself. So now I will tell you how you can make the most of bath time in order to take advantage of it ends and you feel that you are refreshed and Taatmtaan skin soft and silky smooth skin.

1. Make an atmosphere of relaxation
Chala some scented candles with the music that you like best. Around your bathroom to the custom you for half an hour entertainment venue.

2. Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning and this does not take you to only one minute. Use a soft brush or loofah and rub your body gently in circular motions in order to get rid of dead cells.

3. Hair Grips
The best time to work holder for hair and you're always busy, is bathing time after the rinse water from your hair shampoo. Put the mask and comb your hair, then Arbtih Authority cake. Leave the roots absorb the mask of 5-7 minutes. Classless hair mask once a week.

4. face mask
Look for weekly time that you place the mask of your hair, to work fast mask for your face takes 10 minutes. Valmsam at this time be open by the steam, making it easier for skin absorption elements and vitamins available in natural masks.

5. Scrap ankles
Believe it or not that the ankles of the foot parts which always forgotten in the shower. So Look for weekly showers and national action to scrap Kaabak time.

6. body moisturizing
I am strongly of the people who love moisturizing while showering. Because the pores are open, making it absorbs refreshments faster and leave the skin soft, and Stgnek on the status of other moisturizers some showers.

7. Emery body while showering
If you forget to work step dry cleaning, you can replace peeling or emery body in the shower, it's a great alternative to him. You can do while waiting for your hair and face masks to dry. I advise you to the normal direction peeling Fastkhaddma A natural oils with sugar to reach the best results.

 8. Remove excess hair at the end of the shower
If you are using a razor in excess hair from the body removal, Vqoma do so in the shower, because it will help you to remove it even easier and more accurate.
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