Five tips to prevent hair growth under the skin

Hair grows under the skin when hinder its growth to the surface because of clogged pores or through the accumulation of dead skin on the skin, usually accompanied by growing hair under the skin of some skin redness and inflammation painful. But the most common and troubling problem is the rough-and-skin injury deprived the girl of texture smooth and soft skin that dream.

Here Here are some tips that help prevent skin growth under the skin or reduce this problem as much as possible.

1. peeling skin:
Seek the help in any way to suit you body peeling skin and then remove accumulated on the skin surface of dead skin cells, it allows new hair to grow out naturally. You can peeling the body with the help of natural or peeled through the body dry cleaning.

2. Drain excess hair after a shower
Whether you are using a razor or wax or tweezers to remove excess hair, prefers perform this operation after a shower with warm water. The heat works to soften the skin texture which helps to remove hair from the roots without being cut from the middle of it.

3. moist your skin regularly
Make sure to moisturize your skin on a continuous basis, even if you Taatmtaan skin very soft, wet Valepeshrh allow new hair to grow out easily compared to dry skin.

4. Follow the correct way to remove hair
Always make sure you through the process of hair removal that you're removing hair in the opposite direction of its growth. And if you are you used to use the mousse in hair removal, it is advisable to change the razor blade regularly to ensure cleanliness and unity. Find out here on the disadvantages and advantages of excess hair removal PalmOS.

5. Use products nice on the skin
Beware of using harsh on the skin lotions rich products such as alcohol or other chemicals that lead to dry skin.
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