Natural colors topping the latest fashions spring 2015 clothing

Chose the months of Fashion Designers of global eclectic mix of colors of nature and "pastel" to take center stage for the latest fashions spring 2015 clothes, next to forms of folklore and tropical flowers and landscapes, to regain a sense of well-being as we head into the warmer months of the year.

Occupies blue "Emerald", the leader of the spring and summer of 2015, the more colors that give a sense of renewal and recovery, it also helps to get rid and to reduce tension and stress, ranging from the blue "Turquoise", associated with the tropical oceans, and adds excitement to the quiet summer colors, the sense of freedom and departure also increases.In pallet colors this season, the "green" comes quiet Bdrjath that help in feeling comfortable, then from dirt colors of nature "Albejat" that provide warmth comfortable and demonstrates the spring spontaneously, pink Bdrjath quiet turned off, and in the spring mix these colors mingle with the "Tangerine" and "peach" and "peach" orange degrees, for more vital refreshing.

"Lavender" grass, which takes nostalgia, which is a violet degrees who enters with a quiet spring colors, light gray and dark red continuing from last winter.

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